Usual Questions


Which software is compatible with Tailored Presets & Profiles?

Tailored Presets & Profiles are 100% compatible with all up-to-date versions of:

  • Lightroom CC Classic (desktop),
  • Lightroom CC (mobile) and
  • Adobe Cemera RAW.

Which means that if you have any Adobe Creative Cloud Plan (regular payments), you are absolutely fine.

If you have any older versions, please check these were released after April 2018 or later (since Lightroom CC Classic v7.4,  Lightroom “mobile” CC 1.4, Camera RAW 10.3).

What cameras are compatible with Tailored Presets & Profiles? Can it be used with RAW / JPG?

All digital cameras are compatible with Tailored Presets & Profiles.

You can use Tailored Presets & Profiles with both RAW and JPG files.

RAW files are much more recommended because they provide more flexibility when editing.

What do I receive after my purchase?

After a purchase, you will receive a download link to a zip file containing:

  • all the beautiful profiles and presets,
  • free bonus: Night profiles, Black & White Profiles, Tools,
  • Installation guide,
  • User guide.

You will receive the download link on this site and also to your email.

Can I try Tailored Presets & Profiles before purchase?

Yes sure! Upload your chosen photographs (up to 10) somewhere online (e.g. DropBox) and e-mail me the link to your files (

Please include some description or reference photos of your preferred style. I will then send you the edits usually within one business day.

What payment methods can I use?

It’s very easy. PayPal – the most popular & safe payment method.

On what level do I need to know Lightroom / Camera RAW?

Very basic knowledge is enough for you to use Tailored Presets & Profiles. Actually, even newbies can use it thanks to our User Guide and direct customer support.

When will I receive presets & profiles after purchase?

Usually within one minute after a cleared payment, you will receive a download link:

  • on this site
  • direct to your email.

Will I receive a user manual?

Yes of course – even if you are quite new to Lightroom, you will be able to enjoy Tailored Presets & Profiles thanks to our user guide. Actually, you will find using Tailored Presets & Profiles very easy.

What are the differences between profiles and presets?

Profiles are like big brothers to presets. They bring those kind of edits, which used to be possible only in Photoshop, to Lightroom. And they provide another level of flexibility while editing your beautiful photographs. How?

When you use presets in Lightroom to edit your photos, you can see the sliders move. But profiles leave these sliders and tools untouched – although they provide more editing possibilities. So after applying any profile, you can actually use any  slider, tool or even preset “on top”. Isn’t it amazing?

You can also read, why profiles are like super juicy oranges.

Is there any live support I can rely on?

Yes of course. In case of any issues, you can contact Tomas, the author of Tailored Presets & Profiles, directly via e-mail.

Can I use Tailored Presets & Profiles on more computers?

Yes, but you must be the only user of Tailored Presets & Profiles. By purchasing Tailored Presets & Profiles, you are purchasing licence for one user.

You can:

  • install and use Tailored Presets & Profiles on your desktop, tablet, laptop, phone or any other personal devices,
  • use Tailored Presets & Profiles on all those devices.

You can not:

  • let anybody else use it,
  • share your purchase with anybody else,
  • sell your purchase to anybody else.